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When you come to join the team at Life Changing Weekends we want to dedicate the time to you and so that every guest gets the most from the weekend you will be in a group of no more than six.

Some of the group will stay at Bramble Cottage and others will stay at the thatched farmhouse belonging to The Star Inn, just a short stroll away.

The weekend is divided into both enlightening group sessions and private time when you can spend some time alone contemplating the future personal to you. Throughout the day it is important to dedicate this time to looking at your future and thinking entirely about yourself- being selfish is a must! So, mobile phones will have to be turned off during the day to help you forget your everyday issues.

As part of the Life Changing Weekend programme of activities we will introduce you to Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques which we will use to help you access important thoughts in your unconscious mind and to work out how and why your mind works in the way it does. If you discover that certain aspects of your thought patterns are unhelpful and are stopping you from getting what you want from your life we can work with you to help you alter them- but it will be entirely your choice.

Similarly we will use light hypnosis to help you relax and forget your day to day responsibilities. This will help you see more clearly what your future holds. Hypnosis will be used purely to help you in the relaxation process and to help you determine what you really want to gain from your future. Stage-type hypnosis will not be used at any time.

The content of the weekend will appeal to all your senses - sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell. We use these senses all the time, some more than others, so it's important to make use of them all over the weekend to make sure the future you envisage is right for you and those close to you.

It is very important for your personal growth that whatever your vision is of the future you have a record of all the detail to take away and build on. Therefore we will work with you to help you to put it down on paper, in whatever format you prefer. Eventually you'll be able to create a picture, in colour and with fine detail, which depicts everything you feel important for your future plans.

Of course the weekend is all about you and helping you to relax, clear your mind and think about your future. Hence there will also be time to enjoy the company of the other guests as well as the award-winning delights of The Star Inn.