Our weekend breaks are all about finding out where your future lies and the path you can take to get there. To discover this requires you to access your unconscious mind so that you can truly work out what you want in your life. To achieve this we use light hypnosis to help you go into a slight trance. Any trance or hypnosis used will be in your best interests and you will remember everything that is talked about. This is not stage hypnosis. It is hypnosis clinically recognised and used extensively by the medical profession.

But what is hypnosis? Our conscious mind is what we use to make decisions everyday and to do our jobs. If we need to resolve an issue or work out what changes we want to make in our lives we need to use our unconscious mind.

To help you access your unconscious resources trained hypnotherapists, like Liz and Brian, use complex language to distract your conscious mind. Hypnosis allows you to experience a light trance, where your attention will be tightly focused on your internal world. A trance is a naturally occurring state that you slip into and out of all the time and is essential for mental health. Our attention is always somewhere between being focused completely outwards on the outside world with minimal awareness of ourselves and being focused on our internal world.

Everyone day-dreams from time to time and this itself is a form of trance, usually a creative one. When you day-dream, you are open to ideas from your unconscious mind. A good example of this is Albert Einstein imagining what it would be like to ride on the end of a light beam. This led to one of the great discoveries in physics the general theory of relativity.

One of the leading hypnotherapists in history was Milton Erickson. By using vague, open, permissive language and metaphors he helped people to unlock their unconscious minds. This is the type of hypnosis most used today and the way we will work with you on your Life-Changing Weekend.