Do you want to alter your life in some way?
Are there certain aspects that you would like to change completely?

Our "Life Changing Weekends" are exactly what the name suggests an opportunity to think about how you want to change your life and plan the steps to making those changes.

Perhaps it's a career change you want or maybe you're looking to improve your personal life. Or you may have endured a period of change and now want to think about moving forward in a more decisive manner.

Our unique weekend breaks, which we believe to be one of the first of their kind in the UK, are for people who want to change any part of their lives.

The tranquil location of Bramble Cottage in Harome, in the heart of North Yorkshire, provides the perfect setting to take time out and completely focus on you.

Bramble Cottage

A specially-trained team will dedicate an entire weekend to working with you so that you can decide on what you want from your future.

As well as being able to enjoy the luxurious surroundings of Bramble Cottage you will have the opportunity to use a variety of techniques to help you relax and focus your mind.