Liz Betts - Profile

Life Changing Weekends are the culmination of over 30 years in the healthcare profession for Liz. As well as gaining her Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manchester and starting her career as a district nurse and health visitor with the NHS, Liz has held a number of prestigious positions both within the NHS and in the private healthcare sector.

Early in her career, whilst working for the NHS, Liz was asked to join the UK's largest private hospital as a nursing sister. It was whilst working at this hospital that Liz made sweeping changes enabling her to introduce the idea of marketing the hospital to GPs.

Following the success of her marketing role at the hospital, Liz established her own corporate events and public relations company before being headhunted by another private hospital group to manage their marketing.

More recently Liz has held a NHS liaison position as a healthcare development manager where her work has included preparing documents to gain funding for cancer treatments.

Throughout her career Liz has been passionate about the use of alternative therapies and has undertaken rigorous training to become a Master Practitioner in NLP and a hypnotherapist.

Liz's qualifications include: -

  • Bachelor of Nursing - University of Manchester
  • Registered General Nurse (RGN), District Nurse (DN) and Health Visitor (HV)
  • Diploma in Marketing (Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming
  • Hypnotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certificate in Family Planning Nursing
  • Family Planning Clinical Instructor Certificate
  • Certificate in Principles of Psychosexual Counselling